Cultural Intelligence


I am one of those lucky people who grew up speaking several languages.  My Mom was kind enough to speak to me in French from my very early days, and my Father’s family has Spanish roots and links, so I spent summer holidays with my numerous and wonderful cousins in Spain!  All of this, while living in the US or the UK.

Language has always fascinated me, and I have picked up so many along the way, as I have lived and worked my way through 17 countries and 4 continents, that I am comfortable meeting new people and situations from more or less anywhere!  In fact, it goes further – I thrive off these new encounters!

But what you want to know is that, if I do work for you, it will be CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE!  You will be saved the embarrassment of feet near heads in Thailand, or white dresses for weddings in traditional Chinese society.  Both of these are big cultural gaffes, but I will try to avoid the smaller ones also, and shape the language and appearance of all I do for you so as to make your audience as receptive as possible to your messages…


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